It’s a challenging time to be an internet user. Was this content just plucked from ChatGPT or a similar tool or is there an actual human behind it?

It matters because early AI content pioneers and LLM content system creators understand that AI content literally just makes things up. They’re guessing what the next letter is in the next word, and putting things together that “fit”. These “hallucinations” are sometimes funny, but they’re outright dangerous when it comes to important health or financial decisions.

Site Owners & Publishers Can Be Lazy/Pressured/Greedy

If many sites start outranking your site, using copy/paste chatGPT generated content, it could be tempting to use the same poor quality tactic for your own site. That’s just the nature of publishing online content.

Humans Want Human Written Content

Storytelling and listening to stories is part of our heritage and nature as humans. Articles online are more trusted when we know more about the author, and know that it isn’t just AI generated drivel.

Certifying Content Is Human: One At A Time

I’m going to be reaching out to site owners, publishers, and agencies to do short interviews and confirm they’re actually using human content writing teams to craft their articles, stories and blog posts.

If you want to skip the line, and get certified with a quick interivew, get started here

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